Our mission at Catchu is to make a difference to the lives of all children bereaved by uxoricide, domestic homicide or suicide in the context of domestic abuse providing support, education, advocacy, and awareness.

To accomplish this mission, as a new charity, we totally rely on the support of our partners and the generosity of members of the public.

We understand that you may have a robust corporate philanthropy program already in place or you may be considering doing your bit for a worthwhile charity. 

Additionally, we believe that CatchU and your company may share a strong sense of moral duty to help support these vulnerable children.

Therefore, CatchU is interested in forming a partnership with you.

More specifically, we propose the following:

CatchU is a featured member of your employee volunteerism / workplace giving / sponsorship program.

In exchange, we will highlight and promote your company on our partnership webpage and provide you with awareness raising


Through this partnership, we hope to help CatchU advance your corporate philanthropy program and support your company’s mission.

We believe that together we can make these children happier, and healthier.

Therefore, we would love to continue this conversation.