What Can I Do?


When everything changes in an instant it may be useful to inform your new carers of some ideas how they can help and support you as they may not know how they should do this.


We are all different and need different things so here are some ideas, write down the ones that matter to you and show these to your carer

  • Give me a hug


  • Arrange for me to get help if I am feeling I can’t cope or if I am not talking to you


  • Allow me to be on my own but talk to me if you are worried if I am not eating or sleeping well or if I have other difficulties


  • Talk to me about the funeral and how I can be involved


  • Talk to me about the court case and what will happen


  • Talk to me about prison


  • Make sure schools knows about what’s happened, so they can give me support too


  • Help me make a memory box


  • Remind me this is not my fault and encourage me to talk if I feel ashamed or guilty


  • Help me keep in touch with friends or teachers from my old school


  • Help me to have some fun and laugh so I don’t feel upset all the time


  • Arrange for me to have extra help at school if I am finding it hard to concentrate or if I am falling behind


  • Help me to join a club, group or activity so I don’t feel so lonely and have something to look forward to


  • Help me keep my good memories alive by talking about them


What Can We Do?

  • We can talk to you about ways to feel better and safe. 


  • We can talk about the future. 


  • We can talk to your carers if you are worried about anything or if you struggle to tell them something.


  • We can give you ideas for a memory box.


  • We can give you advice on how to look after yourself.


  • We can talk about the person or people you have lost.


  • You can tell us about anything you didn’t have a chance to say to them. 


  • We can speak to your school and help them to support you.


  • We can explore feelings in different ways.


  • You can ask us to help you and we will do our best to support you.


  • We can discuss your rights as a child.


  • We can encourage you to do activities and grow your friendships so you do not feel alone.


  • We can support your carers.


  • We can set up a time for you to chat to other children who have been through a similar experience.


  • We will listen to your ideas or thoughts for anything else we may not have mentioned.